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Geeks at Wilkes United

Welcome to GAWU!

img On Tuesday; March 25, 2008, a small group of college students decided to make a difference. They decided it was time that the world knew that they were here and that they were proud to be geeks. GAWU (Geeks at Wilkes United) was founded by Niki Pell, Jerome Stull, and Wendy Harmon. With Brian Barker (lead graphic and design instructor) as their mentor nothing could stop them from moving forward and amassing geeks together in one location.

GAWU is not only about bringing geeks together but about cultural awareness, community and charity. They support local businesses and try to help bring more commerce to the Wilkes area, as well as helping out with charities like March of Dimes and the Humane Society of Wilkes.

Meetings are held in Alumni Hall in the commons every Thursday at 4PM on the first and third weeks of the month.